Known Danish law office suspected of receiving return commission of large Danish bank - Regarding whether Jyske Bank has bribed Lundgren's lawyers, in the form of a return commission. For this reason, through a collaboration between Jyske Bank and Lundgrens, not to present the client's claims against Jyske Bank. / Then it is a FACT First Lundgrens gets our case against Jyske Bank on February 5, 2018. 2nd Lundgrens enters Third Lundgrens check the website April 16, 2018. 4th Lundgrens then enters into a million cooperation with Jyske Bank. 5th Just as it is the FACT that Lundgrens will be kicked out on 25 September 2019 for the period 5 February to Lundgrens. At least 30 times have been informed of the allegations. And have been given direct INSTRUCTION, to present the client's fraud allegations against Jyske Bank, without following any of the client's instructions. :-( It should be investigated by the police whether Lundgren's lawyers have been bribed / paid by Jyske Bank A / S And who at Jyske Bank has approved contacting Lundgren's lawyers around March May 2018, to advise Jyske Bank on a transaction for around DKK 600 million. Just as a study on Jyske Bank has given Lundgren's other tasks, and which. Dan Terkildsen from Lundgrens has not wanted to answer the client's questions, about the cooperation between the parties Lundgrens and Jyske Bank. / If Lundgren's lawyers are a reputable law firm. Then the management of Lundgren himself contacts the police and asks them to investigate Lundgrens The suspicion that some of the partners have been dishonest towards their customer / small client .. / This is an invitation to Lundgrens and Jyske Bank. Now ask the police to investigate About Jyske Bank bribing Lundgrens to counteract their client's case against Jyske Bank and the management. To directly contribute to fraud allegations against Jyske Bank has not been presented. Why the Client Himself Has to Present, the 52-page Final Petition, October 28, 2019 When Lundgren's lawyers have been instructed several times to present the client's fraud allegations. / We do not need to ask the management of Jyske Bank to ask the police to investigate Jyske Bank, because the bank has bribed Lundgrens, by using the return commission. Since Jyske Bank has already lied to the court through their board member and lawyer Philip Baruch from Lund Elmer Sandager Advokater, already, several places in legal matters. :-) Like Jyske Bank, the customer who is exposed to the bank's long-standing fraud wants an early decision. But Philip Baruch, we were just bombed back to September 25, 2019, after we discovered that Jyske Bank probably bought our lawyer Lundgren's lawyers in April 2018. So it's not conspiracy theories, as Lundgrens thinks it is, but simply one FACT
Lundgrens advokater mener ikke de har nogle problemer med at give Jyske bank rådgivning, og samtidig føre en Bedrageri sag mod jyske Bank

Denmark’s perhaps biggest banking scandal during escalation.

New Danish bank scandal under investigation, by the customer himself, while other lawyers and banks just cover over the small matter.

And this time it’s not about money laundering, which the Danish banks are already known for.

This time it is a false and fraud matter with Denmark’s second largest bank Jyske Bank.

In this case the danish lawyers Lundgrens are deeply involved, in that the client’s, allegation of fraud and document false against Jyske Bank, has not been presented to the court, before the client himself had to present evidence and allegations to the court, at October 28.

And why the Jyske Bank fraud, against their small customer has not yet been stopped, after 11 years of fraud.

What do Lundgrens think about our allegations, and evidence against Jyske bank about the fraud chase.

Dan Terkildsen said August 13 that the Board of Jyske Bank was not guilty of anything.

Lundgrens have not one comment of our claims.

? That is very strange ?

WHY ?.
One month ago, after being discovered at Lundgrens, is working for Jyske bank, and has worked for the defendant Jyskebank, at least since April 2018

And Dan Terkelsen let their client, believe that Lundgrens was their lawyer, but at the same time, Lundgren’s lawyers also received a million fees to work for Jyske Bank.

It seems most likely that Jyske bank has bribed Lundgrens, to meet up in court, without submitting the client’s claims against Jyske Bank, just to lose the case.

Would you like to tell the group management CEO Anders Dam, that we do not want to be deceived.

We just want to meet, with the President Anders Christian Dam, and as adults talk together, because this is not the way to do fair banking business.

And we have no interest in writing anything untrue.

The question in court, is whether we are right, and can prove we are right.

What does Lundgrens mean? you never told us that.

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The Chase BS-402/2015-VIB
This is just a call to dialogue, as when we first wrote in May 2016 to the entire board in the Jyske Bank.

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